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Is Mold in a House Dangerous?

There is hardly a time of the year that mold is not a problem in homes. Whether it is in the cold winter or during the hot humid summer, there is always an activity that results in the appearance and growth of mold in the home. These destructive spores can appear on almost any type of surface. When they do, they tend to disfigure their host, making your most prized possessions look like garbage material.

Even though we all know mold occurrences is terrible, there is a big question that bothers everyone. That is, is mold dangerous in the house? Even if it is, to what extent can they affect one's health adversely? Well, if you are a homeowner in the Bronx and you have been wondering along that line for a while, here is some info for you.

In this piece, we will consider what mold is, as well as the possible causes of molds. More importantly, we will consider how much of a threat mold can be to your health and wellbeing. We will also ensure to tell you the possible ways that you can get rid of this menace using professional services like Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a term we all use to describe a type of fungus. Usually, mold can appear in different colors including white, green, orange, or purple, and in almost any environment. These things that you see in different colors carry as many tiny organisms as possible.

Out in nature, mold is not a bad thing. It is important as it helps to degrade dead plants and animals. While mold feeds on dead organisms, it grows and reproduces using tiny seed-like structures called spores. These spores are extremely tiny and lightweight and can travel large distances through the air. Provided these spores find the right environment, they start a new life and become mold themselves. This explains why molds can grow almost anywhere.

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Is It Dangerous to Live In a House With Mold?

Molds and their spores are not necessarily dangerous in small quantities. However, when you have them in large quantities, you could be at risk of serious health challenges. People who are sensitive to molds can easily develop allergic reactions when they touch or inhale mold spores. For people with serious mold allergies, there can be even more severe reactions like shortness of breath. People with asthma might also experience attacks when they breathe or handle molds and their spores.

In addition to the above, the following is a list of people who might also be sensitive to mold exposure:

  • Infants and children
  • Senior citizens
  • People with weak immune system
  • People that have chronic lung disease

How Do You Know if Mold Is Making You Sick?

When you touch mold or inhale the spores in large amounts, you are likely to feel some allergy-type symptoms, like coughing, eye irritation, headache, runny nose and congestion, sneezing and others. People with asthma might want to take the issue of indoor mold seriously. That's because molds can trigger an allergic reaction that will cause an attack on them. In such situations, they might need to use their inhalers.

Mold Causes

You make contact with molds and their spores every day whether you are indoors or outdoors. However, you cannot see them. At the very basic level, molds are the results of grown spores. When molds are well developed, they produce spores as a means of reproduction. These spores are released into the air and deposited wherever possible. These spores will grow to become molds if they land in an environment with the right conditions. That is a moist environment that has a rich supply of nutrients.

Therefore, you will typically find mold appearing in places like the following:

  • Areas with flooding and leaking water
  • Windows with building condensation
  • Places with poor ventilation

Additionally, mold will grow on substances that contain wet cellulose like paper products, e.g. cardboard, wallpapers, paper, etc.

That said, spores can travel through the air and enter your house when you leave your windows, vents, and doorways open. Spores even can be taken to your place with objects, people, or even with your pets after the walk.

Consider Professional Mold Inspection If There May Be Mold in Your Home

When mold starts to grow, you are likely to see it. More so, molds tend to give off a particular musty/earthy odor. However, in some cases, you might not see the mold. Unfortunately, hidden mold can still have negative impacts on your health.

In a situation where you suspect you have a hidden mold problem, consider hiring our mold inspection specialists in the Bronx. Our techs will test and check the following areas:

  • Wall surfaces especially behind your furniture
  • Underneath your carpets and rugs
  • Opposite sides of your ceiling tiles
  • The areas behind your drywall, wallpaper, or paneling
  • Areas near pipes and windows
  • Air ducts and vent systems

Testing or removing molds by yourself is never a good idea. Firstly, you are exposing yourself to a huge level of risk. More so, you do not have the tools needed to get the right results. Therefore, if you have any reason to suspect mold in your house in the Bronx, you need to call a professional mold inspection service like Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx to handle it. Our techs use advanced tools and processes to help you locate the exact place where mold is growing in your home.

Do You Need a Professional to Remove Mold?

As a homeowner in the Bronx, you must know that mold is a huge potential threat to the health of your loved ones and your property. Therefore, you must take the issue of molds very seriously which is why our mold remediation team is here for you.

We are Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx; a professional mold inspection and remediation service provider. We are a team of professionals who will do everything to ensure that your home is safe away from all types of molds. Our methods are safe and environmentally friendly without any compromise on the quality of results. You cannot allow molds to take over your property - not under our watch! Call us now at 718-701-2162 and let us remove those nasty molds from your property.


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