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Cleaning And Beyond

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning service provider in the Bronx, New York (AKA: "Carpet Cleaning Bronx" / "Bronx Carpet Cleaning"). We service residential, commercial, and industrial spaces for a number of cleaning services. For the last 10 years, we have been a leader in the green cleaning industry and have streamlined all of our knowledge to create not simply a cleaning service but a restoration service as well.

How We Clean And Restore

We see our cleaning services as part sanitation and part restoration. The sanitation part of our services consists of the basic execution of cleaning the elements in your home most likely to be exposed to or even carriers of bacteria and allergens. This can include:

Since the average American is exposed to more air pollution than in generations past, we believe that essential cleaning routines should be carried out with the help of environmentally-friendly products only.

Commercial Maintenance and Office Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Maintenance and Office Carpet Cleaning
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Our customized steam cleaning technique best reflects the vision of Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx: powerful as a stallion but gentle as a baby horse. At a psi of anywhere between 500 and 12,000, our steam cleaning machines can take on the dirtiest industrial carpet without blinking an eye. By the same token, the same machine can be used on very delicate rugs and upholstery without leaving a mark. The secret behind this great combination is, of course, our technicians, who are dedicated to providing the best service and customer service possible, 7 days a week.

Our Service Guarantee

Our cleaning technicians work hard to perform 100% at each job. We can guarantee you that anyone representing Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx will do their very best to complete a service according to your expectations. We do, however, know that life can be unpredictable. If for some reason our service is not your pleasing, we will happily return to redo the service or provide you with your money back.

For more information about our many services or about our free estimate, please contact our customer service representatives today.

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