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How to Tell When You Have a Mold Problem

Mold growth, if not detected early, can cause rot in drywalls, furniture, ceiling, flooring, and upholstery, as well as worsen the well-being of people with underlying respiratory problems and allergies. That's why it's essential to get professional help from the mold specialists at Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx whenever you suspect or have mold in your home.

How to Tell if It's Mold and What Does Black Mold Look Like

What is mold?

Mold is a fungal growth that forms and spreads on surfaces as a result of moisture. Mold spreads by releasing tiny spores into the air that form other colonies when they land on damp surfaces.

What does mold look like?

You can tell if you have a mold problem if you notice a musty smell, dark or grey slimy patches on the surfaces, or experience allergic reactions like skin or eye irritation, or even difficulty breathing. Sometimes mold is not visible until the problem becomes severe. That's why it's best to call our Bronx professional mold testers whenever you suspect mold since we are equipped to detect even small traces of hidden mold.

Mold Remediation Service
Mold Remediation Service
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What Type of Mold Is Dangerous to Your Health

Generally, all types of mold pose a health risk because the spores contain allergens that can cause skin rashes, running nose, itchy eyes, and respiratory problems.

Can Professional Mold Inspection Detect Mold?

Mold inspection services entail searching for evidence of past mold growth, how it was mitigated, finding sources of moisture issues, and inspecting surfaces, drywalls, and areas where mold can cause structural property damage. Our mold inspection process helps prevent mold infestations and detect mold early before it starts destroying your property.

What Is Mold Testing

Mold testing is a process whereby mold samples collected from air or surface are tested to determine if any mold is present and measure the level of toxins. Mold testing involves taking samples from affected areas using special equipment like spore traps, swabs, or tapes, and sending them to a lab for testing.

How much do mold inspection and testing cost?

The cost of mold inspection and testing varies depending on the size of the property as well as the areas to be inspected or tested. Call Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx specialists now at 718-701-2162 to learn more about the pricing.

How to tell if the mold is toxic?

To identify if the black mold in your home is toxic, you will need to get our mold specialists to test for toxins on the mold sample.

How to tell if your couch has mold?

Dark slimy patches on the couch or skin or eye irritation when lying on the couch is always a sign of mold, however, seeking the services of professional mold inspectors is the best practice to know for sure.

How to tell if your room has mold?

Stuffiness, allergies, and dark slimy spots on the wall are all signs of a mold infestation in your room. However, to avoid second-guessing, contact our professional mold inspectors to help you establish if your room has mold.

How can I tell if there is mold in my air ducts?

Mold in the air ducts can cause allergies, stuffiness as well as skin and eye irritations. It's also common to have visible mold around the vents. However, if the mold is not visible, our professional mold removal team can clear the air by thoroughly inspecting and cleaning the mold in your air ducts.

How to tell if you have mold behind drywall?

It is not easy to determine the presence of mold behind drywalls. But a musty smell, signs of dampness, or black marks on the front side of the wall can indicate a mold problem. The best way of course is to get certified mold inspectors with special equipment to test for mold that may be hiding behind the drywall.

How to differ mold from mildew?

Mold is usually dark and slimy whereas mildew in most cases is powdery and looks white or light grey. When you see any of the mentioned signs, it is advisable to call professional mold testers to have the samples collected and tested in the lab.

Get Rid of Mold on Your Property

If you are in the Bronx and its environs and have a mold problem, you just found the best and most affordable mold remediation experts. Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx is a certified mold inspection, testing, and remediation company that has helped keep properties in the Bronx mold-free for years. We have a dedicated team to handle any mold-related services like inspection, testing, and remediation. Call Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx now at 718-701-2162 to book an appointment with our mold remediation experts and avoid any health complications as well as property damage.


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