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Can Mold Be a Hidden Problem?

Having mold in your home can be potentially dangerous. This problem starts as small spots that later grow and become worse. It can cause different issues ranging from health implications to property damage. When molds find the right environment, they grow and derive nourishment from the place where mold spores rooted. They convert the organic substances in the building materials such as wood, paper, food. Mold growth eventually leads to substantial damage to the affected places and the building if not removed.

Even though mold is dangerous, the real danger is imminent when you do not see them. Often, nasty molds can grow in hidden places, causing problems without knowing it. Sadly, the longer the mold stays, the worse the problem becomes if you do nothing about it. Therefore, in this article, you will learn how to spot hidden molds. We will also cover what you should do if you find out you have a hidden mold problem.

What Is Black Mold?

Molds are tiny organisms classified alongside mushrooms and yeast as fungi. They grow in dark warm places where they have access to moisture and food sources, whether indoors or outdoors. Although most molds appear black. Black mold refers to a particular species called Stachybotrys chartarum. It is also called S.chartarum, Stachybotrys atra, or toxic mold. This mold is known to cause several health issues because it releases dangerous chemicals called mycotoxins.

When people get exposed to these mycotoxins, they are at risk of coming down with a condition called mold poisoning or mycotoxicosis. People might also feel headaches, nosebleeds, memory loss, and a lot of other medical problems when exposed to black mold for too long.

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Where to Look For Mold?

You need to look for evidence of moisture to find hidden mold in your property. Moisture is one of the necessary conditions for mold growth. A flooded basement or a room with leaking water pipes or appliances are potential areas to check for mold growth. If you think you have mold growth in your building, you should check following places:


Crawl spaces are frequently affected by mold because of high moisture and humidity. It could be due to leaking pipes, faulty insulation, and poor ventilation.


Your bathroom has an unlimited water supply from leaking water pipes, taps, or splashes of warm water on the wall and the floor. All this moisture provides a conducive environment for mold to grow.

Air Conditioner

High humidity or dampness in the air conditioner can create a conducive environment for mold to grow. Dust can settle on the air conditioner's inside, providing the molds with a platform to feed as they grow.

Doors and Windows

Mold can grow around windows and doors. It disfigures and reduces the quality of the structure and causes health threats. Organic materials like soil particles, pollen, dead skin, mites, hair, and very tiny specs of plastic settle on the window and door all the time. With all the organic substances resting on wooden frames of windows and doors, all that can trigger mold to spread. Molds can also grow on windows left shut for a long time during the cold seasons.

Under Floors

Because of moisture and humidity under the wooden floors, it can provoke mold to appear. This moisture can be traced to leaking pipes, a flooded or waterlogged area, or a nearby piece of land. Mold under the floor is difficult to spot because it only comes out to the surface when there is already the damage underneath.

Mold Behind Drywall

Your home is most likely to suffer a mold attack if you recently had water damage or have a leaking pipe. Mold growth is quicker in case of severe water damage and can be very difficult to spot because it grows in the cavities of the wall.

Signs of Hidden Mold

The following are some signs that show you might have a mold problem even if you do not see it just yet:

  • Odors. Mold produces a sharp, specific smell that increases as the mold grows in size.
  • Water Leaks. Mold needs moisture and humidity to grow. So, one of the best indicators of mold presence or growth is the evidence of water. If your home has a leaking problem or water damage, there is a chance that you have hidden mold growth.
  • Health Effects. There is a range of allergic reactions associated with mold. If people exhibit symptoms such as itchy eyes, running nose, sore throat, and respiratory infection in your home, but they disappear when they leave your home, it is a red flag that you have mold in your house.
  • Physical Damage. Mold damage household materials and structures. It eats everything away that is on its way causing the materials to get rotten and fall apart. It can lead to the ceiling collapse and even walls fall.

How to Prevent Black Mold

The following are some helpful tips to help you prevent molds from growing on your property.

  • Try to prevent condensation on the windows in your kitchen.
  • Clean places like kitchen and bathroom with bleach regularly.
  • Make use of a humidifier in places where the air is moist and change the filter regularly.
  • Avoid the buildup of used water.
  • If you have plant pots, avoid overwatering the plants.
  • Check the ventilation of home appliances regularly.

Your Professional Mold Remediation Team in the Bronx

Mold is nasty and dangerous, and it can grow on almost any property. When you discover that mold is taking over your home, it is time to act fast and remove the mold as soon as possible. That's because the integrity of your health and the integrity of your property depends on it. Even though it might seem cheaper, removing mold yourself is never a good idea. You could harm yourself by breathing in dangerous mycotoxins in the process. Alternatively, you spread the spores and make matters worse.

Therefore, when faced with a mold problem, you should leave the job to remediation experts like Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx. We are skilled and qualified mold removal and remediation experts in Bronx, NY, with over 15 years of experience in mold remediation industry.

We have the best equipment and provide you with quality and affordable services for homes and offices in Bronx, NY. Our services are second to none because we use the best tools and scientific processes that are environmentally safe to take care of molds. In the end, we get rid of the mold without causing any harm to you or your family members.

Contact Our Mold Remediation Specialists!

Mold can be a serious problem in your home, especially if it is invisible and you can't see it. However, if you notice any signs of mold in your home, you should invite a specialist to inspect your home for mold at earlier stage. Remember, black molds can be dangerous. Calling an expert like Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx is your best deal.

Are you in need of an efficient, reliable, and affordable mold remediation service in Bronx, NY? Look no further. Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx is here for you! We are simply the best when it comes to mold removal and remediation in the whole of Bronx, NY. Call us now at 718-701-2162 and let us take care of the mold for you!


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