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Attic Mold: How to Spot, Treat, and Prevent

Talking from experience, attic mold can cause a lot of problems for the homeowner! Any time you intend to keep items in the attic or clean the area, there are always spaces that are difficult to reach, corners that have not been explored. This room is the most susceptible area to moisture and mold growth.

Mold spores are opportunistic spore-forming organisms. They thrive quickly when the conditions of moisture, temperature, and nutrients are met. Unfortunately, these optimal conditions occur often in the attic, where special care must be taken to correct these conditions if you want to avoid mold. With this post, you don't need to look around for information about attic mold.

How Can Mold Appear in Your Attic?

Let's get this straight first off! Mold can grow anywhere - behind the sink, under the rug, on tiles, behind furniture, and in the attic. Mold spores can spend months on a surface without growing. However, when a little moisture combines with a temperature that falls between 60°F and 80°F, they thrive. Unfortunately, this condition is frequently met within the attic. Taking into consideration the day-to-day activities of a residential or a commercial building, the following are reasons why mold may appear in the attic.

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Leaky Roof

For a location like an attic, the major cause of moisture is a leaky roof. Since the ceiling is close to the roof, the ceiling serves as an extra cover that conceals any notable roof leak. On the other hand, it serves as the perfect growth media for mold spores.

Poor Ventilation

Mold does not thrive in areas with good ventilation. Not only does good ventilation allow for more consistent temperature, but it also replaces the air indoors on a regular basis. Attics are mostly poorly ventilated and provide the perfect location for mold growth.

Hot Air Meets Cold Roof (Condensation)

Moisture required by mold for growth is not solely from leaky roofs. Another common source of moisture is condensation. After the sun has strongly heated the roof, it indirectly heats the air present in the attic. However, on some occasions, there is also a rapid cooling of the roof through rain or snowfall. This rapid change of temperature provides condensation and indirect moisture that facilitate mold growth.

How Can I Prevent Attic Mold?

Preventing mold growth in the attic follows the same process as in the living room. However, due to the interval of use and structure that the attic has, it may be more difficult.

  • Inspect your attic a few times a year.

    Mold in the attic spreads about five times more than the average. Hence, there is a need for you as a homeowner to occasionally carry out an inspection of the attic room. It may surprise you that mold spores may even be the least of your worries if you have done so.

  • Install exhaust vents for better ventilation.

    This point is the most basic step to preventing mold in the attic. Exhaust vents help to properly regulate air movement in the attic and cut the rate of mold growth.

  • Make sure insulation is installed in the right way.

    Another way to minimize moisture, wetness, and erratic temperature in the attic is to install insulation in the right way. The insulation, when properly installed, regulates the temperature of the whole house and minimizes condensation.

How Should I Act When I Find Mold in My Attic?

Act calmly and at the same time understand the emergency. Mold growth in the attic often serves as a signal that if it is not managed in a timely fashion, you are heading to a bad situation. Therefore, when mold has invaded your attic put a call to a professional, don't try to do things yourself. If you live in or around the Bronx, Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx would definitely perform an exceptional mold remediation service for you.

The Best Mold Specialists in the Bronx

If you are a homeowner in and around the Bronx, it is better to quickly let you in on this information. Apart from being one of the best cleaning specialists in town, Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx is able to provide you with exceptional mold removal, remediation, and mold inspection services.

We are fully trained and certified, and we use environmentally friendly and sophisticated equipment to carry out our services.

Don't Wait, Call Us Today!

Don't let their innocent appearance fool you. Mold spores are hazardous and can lead to health issues such as wheezing, coughing, sneezing, and asthmatic symptoms around. Even more, it can reduce the value of your property.

If you need urgent help with mold removal in the Bronx, definitely put a call across to Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Bronx at 718-701-2162. Our friendly representatives will be happy to help you in no time!


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