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Carpet Cleaning Bronx specializing in all window related treatments. We offer the highest level of service for your windows, drapes, curtains, valances, blinds, shutters, and more. We service every type of call, industrial, commercial, and residential.

Your windows are important. They are the source of daylight and sunshine. You want them clean and clear for looking out, and warm and inviting for those looking in. A window that is well maintained and decorated really makes the entire room shine. If you're a business, your windows really do matter as it invites (or if not well kept, repels) your potential customers in.

So what can we do to help you out with that? Whatever you need! We offer professional cleaning for both your office and your home, we can clean onsite or at our factory, quickly, efficiently, and professionally, we always aim to please!

The Right Solution For Your Windows

Window decorations, furnishing and accessories come in all shapes and sizes, and are made out of a wide array of fabrics, including sometimes bamboo, wood, silk, wool, and many more. Some are very special and at times expensive. It is therefore imperative that they are handled correctly.

Years Of Professional Experience

That's where are years of experience comes in. We will come out to your home and office, inspect the items you're looking to get cleaned, and determine the proper method of clean to ensure the best results that will prolong the life of your prized window furnishing.

Call us now 718-701-2162 or leave your details on our easy form and we'll call you back and enjoy are great specials. We now offer free pickup & delivery!

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